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Outdoor Dog Photography Sessions

Capture your dog's full personality in front of beautiful scenery and stunning sunsets with our most popular sessions! Outdoor sessions are done at a location of your choice in and around Calgary or let me travel to your dream location for an added fee! An added benefit to outdoor dog photography sessions is the chance to capture your pup in action, doing what they love to do best! Outdoor dog photography sessions start at just $75! 

For more information check out our Session Fees Page!

  • Razor the Rottweiler x Pitbull and his family
  • Harper, the Beagle Puppy
  • Tess, the Curly Coated Retriever, in Kananaskis
  • Ayla the Yorkshire Terrier Maltese cross
  • Emma, the Labrador Stafforshire Terrier mix
  • Bear, the husky collie mix
  • Lexi, the Doberman in Calgary
  • Bailey, the Golden Retriever's, summer portrait!
  • Khaya, the French Bulldog
  • Kolby the Labrador Retriever
  • Vessa the Weimeraner
  • Dixon the German Shepherd
  • Yampa and Kiara, Great Danes
  • Harlem the Pitbull
  • Brooke the Great Dane
  • Emma, the labrador staffordshire terrier mix
  • Yampa the Great Dane and owner
  • Kizmit the Pharaoh Hound in Calgary Alberta
  • Sunset near Didsbury Alberta
  • Charlee the Border Collie near Airdrie Alberta
  • Chocolate the labrador retriever near Edmonton Alberta
  • Autumn, the Golden Retriever puppy near Calgary Alberta
  • Aurora, the Giant Schnauzer
  • Riley the Golden Retriever
  • Mustard the Australian Cattle Dog
  • Viva the German Short Haired Pointer
  • Ozzie the Pitbull
  • Jade the French Bulldog Boston Terrier Mix
  • Kooza the Medio Wirehaired Podengo
  • Bella, the Border Collie
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