Your Cat Photography Session: 9 Steps for Success


Make sure you have your kitty’s favourite treats, catnip, toys, and any training tools (clickers, whistles) available so that we can catch their attention, even if it’s just for a brief moment.


Prior to the session, make sure all doors are closed and any potential hiding spots are blocked as much as possible. We want to confine him/her to a larger area that we can work with them in. We don’t want the space to be too small, as they can get stressed. If your kitty doesn’t want me close to them, we can get the photos from a distance.


Be prepared to spend at least an hour with me. Cats can take a little longer to get relaxed and comfortable and we want to make sure that I can catch photos showing off their true personality.


Make sure kitty is well groomed prior to the session. Remember to bathe them (if necessary), brush them, clip their nails, and trim any long hairs (especially around the eyes).


Be prepared for kitty to be uncooperative, nervous and shy. Bring as much patience with you as possible, sessions can take up to 2 hours, especially with multiple pets.


Keep your emotions in check. Many owners become flustered and frustrated with their pet when they don’t cooperate. Your emotions will reflect on your pet and you may end up with portraits of your kitty looking nervous and unsure. We want to capture your kitty doing exactly what they want to do and looking as natural as possible. We will spend a lot of time watching your kitty wander off and bringing them back over again.


Let us know if your kitty has any behavioural concerns or physical illnesses ahead of time. This way I can be well prepared for the session and plan appropriately. This includes and food allergies.


Color can be an amazing additional to any photo, especially those taken indoors. If you have any brightly coloured throws, pillows, etc that can be brought out to the living area where we will be photographing you kitty.


Relax, have fun, and most importantly… make sure your kitty has fun!