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My name is Jennifer and I am located near Calgary, AB. I have had a special connection with all animals since I was a young child and I worked full time in the veterinary field for most of the past 14 years! I also volunteer part time with the local wildlife centre and have a history of volunteering with multiple animal rescue centres both as a photographer and a foster home.

Giving back to animals in need has always been a priority in my life. As a child, and now into my adult life, stray animals always tend to find me! I cannot tell you how many dogs and cats I have picked up on the side of the road or how many hours I have spent chasing scared animals while trying to get them somewhere safe (whether that be in my fenced yard, garage, or even my basement.). I even had a duck spend the night in my bathroom once! Luckily I have always been able to reunite them with their family.

As an adult I have spent my time providing foster care for animals with a number of different rescues/shelters across the country. From cats in casts, motherless kittens, feral kittens, mothers with kittens and blind/deaf senior dogs, I have provided countless hours taking care of these animals as if they were my own.

I am not currently able to provide foster care as I have too many of my own pets, but I am now able to spend my time photographing and showcasing animals for adoption. I am also very active in donating items to auctions and proceeds to rescues in need.

I have worked with Pawsitive Match Rescue Foundation, EJ Rescue, Tails of the Misunderstood, Calgary Bassett Rescue Society, Boston Terrier Rescue Canada, English Bull Terrier Rescue Canada, Animal Rescue Foundation, Pitbulls for Life, MEOW Foundation, Paws4Change, Calgary Humane Society, Four Feet Foundation, and Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary either photographing adoptable animals or donating the proceeds of mini sessions to their efforts. I currently volunteer with the Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation as a rescue driver and educational assistant.

I live at home with my loving and supportive husband, Shannon, my 2 year old daughter Caleigh, Great Dane Tyrus (4 years old), and my 2 lovely cats (Alexa 14 and Koskie 17 years old). Check out photos of me and my family below!

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The Cat's MEOW

A coffee table book about cats for cat people helping rescue cats!

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