Frequently Asked Questions

Where should we go for our pictures?

I am happy to meet you at a location of your choice or I can recommend a location for you based on a backdrop of your choice - urban, city view, prairie, forest, waterfall, riverside, mountain view, or abandoned barn. Locations in and around Calgary are included with your session fee. Feeling up for a road trip? I will meet you in any beautiful location for a $25/hour fee.

What if my dog can't be off-leash?

Safety comes first at Heads and Tails Photography and we recommend keeping your dog on leash during their session. I have a 15' leash that I can bring and, believe it or not, most of the photos you see in my portfolio were done on leash!

My pet will never sit still for pictures OR my pet doesn't know how to sit.

Don't worry too much about how your pet will behave during their session. I have worked with all breeds and all ages and, though each has their own set of challenges, I will work with you and your pet to get you the beautiful portraits that you deserve. There are no time limits on our sessions so that we can spend as much time as necessary with you and your pet.

Can I be in the pictures with my pet?

Yes! Capturing the relationship between you and your pet is my passion! The connection that you share with your pet is special and completely unique. Whether it's just you and your pet, your child with their best friend, or the whole family, you can trust me to deliver photos that will last a lifetime.

What happens if the weather doesn't cooperate?

If the forecast doesn't look promising for our upcoming photography session I will reach out to you to give you a heads up. Of course, you can't trust the forecast so I will connect with you again the day of the session and let you know if we can continue or if we need to reschedule. 

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes! I can offer you a gift certificate for any amount and your package will also come with our welcome guide. Buy Now

What can I do to help make the session go smoothly?

Check out ourTips and Tricks so you can get the best out of our session.

Have additional questions? Don't hesitate to ask!

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