Senior and Special Need Pet Photos - Heads and Tails Photography

Seniors, Rescues, and Special Needs

I have been deeply involved with the veterinary and animal rescue industry for over 10 years and with this experience comes far too many devastating and heartbreaking moments (along with many joyful ones!). I have always wanted to share my special skills with those in need. Keep an eye on my Facebook page for contest details. In honour of our senior, rescue and special needs friends, Heads and Tails Photography offers special rates and discounts to help celebrate everything that makes these guys and gals special!

These Golden Sessions are available to celebrate your pets life in a variety of situations.

Golden Sessions are eligible for a 20% discount off regular session fees and packages

Your session fee may be eligible for these discounts if your pet is:

- Recently adopted from a recognized animal rescue organization or humane society

Adoption Coupon

- Diagnosed with a chronic or terminal illness or experienced a catastrophic injury

- A senior (dog over 8, cat over 10, horse over 15)

- A certified service or assistance dog, a search and rescue dog, a blood donor dog, or similar

*Documentation may be required to support application

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