Session Check List

Review this checklist the day before your session to make sure you bring everything you need:

(  )  Highly palatable and/or favourite treats (steak, cheese, wieners are usually big hits)

(  )  Regular leash and collar

(  )  Brush/Comb for long-haired dogs and cats

(  )  Water and Dish

(  )  Towel if we will be in water or your pup is drooly

(  )  Favourite toys, balls, squeekers

(  )  Any clothes, props or signs you would like included

(  )  Blanket for sitting/lying on

(  )  Comfortable shoes and clothing (sessions are often in wet, muddy, or snowy locations)

(  )  Bug spray and/or sunscreen

Please Remember -

- do not take photos or videos at our session

- balance of session fee is due the day of your session

- an extra set of hands is appreciated to help, especially if you have multiple dogs

- please leave children and pets not being photographed at home if possible

- it is highly recommended that your pet stays on a leash during our session to prevent accidents and unexpected events. (I can provide a 15' and 30' leash to give your pet more room and leashes can USUALLY be removed in post processing)

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