Hi Calgary! I'm Jennifer - Your local dog photographer!

I live just north of the city of Calgary, in southern Alberta, Canada and have lived in Alberta since 2006. I met my husband here and we have been living an amazing and wonderful 15 years of adventure. On September 3, 2020 (right in the middle of COVID!) and 10 weeks early my sweet daughter Caleigh surprised us and changed our lives. Now she is a spicy and spirited toddler! We also have our Great Dane, Tyrus (5 years old) and 2 cats, Alex, and Koskie (13 and 18 years old).

As you probably know, Calgary is quite the dog friendly city with 157 dog parks and over 135,000 licensed dogs! The majority of these people love their pets as one of the family and are including them again and again in their family photos - no matter what that family structure looks like. Having photographed well over 300 dogs in the past 9 years, I have learned so many tricks to nail those brief moments of focus, eye contact, and attention. Yes, I did say BRIEF! I have experience photographing the special bond between owners and pets, groups of dogs, over 40 indoor cats, difficult end of life sessions, old dogs, shy dogs, rescue dogs, purebred dogs, never sit still dogs, puppies, birds, exotics, horses and pocket pets! Safety is our number one concern so most photos are taken on leash and are removed during post-production, we also avoid dog parks and I hold a business license and am insured.

I have over 14 years of experience in the veterinary field and have spent countless hours volunteering with both wild and domestic animal rescue groups. I am also well versed in animal behaviour and have worked with some of the most incredible dog trainers in the city. As the owner of Great Danes, I also have over 14 years of experience with large and giant breed dogs. My training and education are in psychology (on the human side) and mental health.

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Jennifer Dooley


Calgary Dog Photographer Jennifer Dooley


Angela, Marshall and Zelda

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"I had such an amazing experience with Jennifer. She took us to the most beautiful spot for photos and took her time getting perfect shots. She was so pleasant and the photos were stunning. I ended up buying extra on top of my package photos because I couldn’t narrow down my choices because they were so good! She does a huge variety of shots and is very creative with her ideas. Highly recommend!!"

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