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This is where everything starts. Your first step towards capturing forever images of your furry loved ones and the relationship between all members of your family. Every single dog touches us on some level, they teach us and leave us better than they found us. They make us laugh and most will make us cry. They keep all our secrets, they never lie and their honesty should help us live as better humans. They are all different, some will excel at dog sports, some will save lives, some will become service dogs. and some will be couch potato companions. Capture them as tiny, clumsy puppies, as dependable adults, and as fading seniors. Remember them.

Cheerful Critter Creations

Heads and Tails Photography has created a new line of adorable animals. These cute cartoons are available in several different forms including stickers for your water bottles, the cutest t-shirts around, nursery canvasses, car stickers/vinyl, magnets, and more!

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